In General:

The attributes we look for in colleagues are: curiosity, self-motivated, open-mindedness, collaborative, detail oriented, and those who dream big.


The skills we are always looking for: software development (databases, user interfaces, instrument development/incorporation, image recognition), automation (single/multiple instruments, LabVIEW, driver development, interfacing), data sciences (prediction algorithms, transfer learning, regressor-based random forest), computational chemistry (molecular descriptor identification/quantification, molecular design), chemical engineering (instrument design/development, flow chemistry module development, DOE design, system modeling), analytical chemistry (automated method development, product/byproduct identification, continuous purification), and of course organic chemistry (physical organic, mechanistic, multistep synthesis, reaction development, flow chemistry).


Graduate Students:

We currently have available positions and are actively looking for motivated organic chemists or chemical engineers to join the group. If you are interested, please email me (subject line: interested graduate student), I am always happy to discuss current and future projects. Those interested in applying, please visit Apply to UConn!.


Undergraduate Students:

We will be accepting undergraduate students to perform guided or independent research in the group across a range of subjects starting late spring 2021. If you are interested, please email me (subject line: interested in undergraduate research).